Press Association

Usurv enables the Press Association and other news media organisations to accurately gauge the public’s reaction to breaking stories in a matter of seconds

Adrian Jeakings

Non-Executive Director & Chair of Audit Committee


The Issue

Responding to the news agenda has changed since 1868. Today news is always on, 24 hours a day, when a story breaks the PA must be the first to respond. Never before has it been so important to react immediately, and traditional research is simply too slow.


The Solution

When the PA needed a research agency to be as agile as the news so it chose maru/usurv as its research partner. Surveys were devised in minutes and results were available online and fully analysed as soon as the first respondent had answered the survey. This enabled the PA to move as fast as the news agenda, completing research as a story breaks and including that research in the articles on the same day.


The Outcome

On numerous occasions maru/usurv was able to respond to a story that broke in the morning with an article based on nationally representative research, started and completed that same morning. This resulted in coverage in a huge number of online national and local newspapers with a combined readership of many millions. These included;,,,,, and