PR Agency one

PR Agency One

PR Agency One, an award-winning* agency, were finding that Omnibus research (where a few questions can be run, but to a schedule set by the Omnibus company) didn’t meet the speed and flexibility requirements of conducting a 21st century PR business.


The Issue

They often found research challenging to undertake, time consuming, and frequently results were made available after the fact. This resulted in a reluctance to do research, and “gut feel” decisions being taken rather than ones based on real data.


The Solution

PR Agency One, working for a range of household names, each with very differing needs, was looking for a new research agency. They found that maru/usurv allows research to be run whenever and with whoever they wanted. And that it is cost effective, easy to set up, and always available. “Want research Wednesday at 6:00pm for a Thursday morning pitch – no problem! Need 1,000 respondents within hours – done. Only interested in females – it’s just one click away.”, says James Crawford, PR Agency One’s Managing Director.


The Outcome

“When we looked for a research firm to conduct omnibus research, we didn’t want one that ran to a fixed schedule at specific times and took days to report back the findings. maru/usurv has been incredibly flexible, always on and has enabled our agency to run surveys amongst different respondent groups, with different sample sizes and get back findings at any time and on any day of the week”.

“For us the result is that we have created research based press releases for our clients whenever appropriate, responding to the news agenda instantly with survey data tying our clients to that agenda, keeping them relevant”. James Crawford, Managing Director, PR Agency One *CIPR’s Outstanding Public Relations Consultancy 2016/17