Post Office Money

Post Office Money

The Post Office gift card service launched their One4All brand and were seeking publicity.


The Issue

The Post Office gift card service wanted to gain publicity for their brand One4All and commissioned maru/usurv to undertake a survey about mothers and their relationship with their daughters.


The Solution

The survey was conducted using maru/usurv’s beautifully simple to use and cost effective survey approach. The maru/usurv nationally representative survey was set up quickly and completed amongst 1,000 respondents in a matter of hours.


The Outcome

The resulting story was published in two top 50 UK national newspaper websites, (“Fancy joining clubbing mum Survey finds growing trend mothers join daughters nights out”) and (“Mums and daughters now go clubbing together. Yes, seriously”), with One4All prominently cited, and even a link back to the One4All site from the Telegraph, great for SEO!