Pam Lloyd

Pam Lloyd

The government’s stance on sugar and forthcoming tax on sugar drinks is well known and a concern amongst many suppliers to the food industry.  The vast majority of blackcurrants grown in the  UK go into a single well known product – Ribena.


The Issue

Dieter Lloyd, from food specialist PR agency Pam Lloyd pitched to the Blackcurrant growers association and needed consumer insight to inform his pitch.


The Solution

He used maru/usurv as his go to research supplier to set up and run a survey designed to understand consumer perceptions of blackcurrants. “I use maru/usurv for all my pitch research as they are easy to use fast and fit in with the speed I need to turn communications work around”.


The Outcome

The research, conducted immediately prior to the pitch showed that blackcurrants were not noted among consumers for their nutritional value.

“This insight, gained at the speed of light was crucial to our understanding of consumers and the issues facing blackcurrant growers”, it led to a unique and distinctive pitch with a significant measure of consumer understanding”.

Dieter Lloyd, PR Director at Pam Lloyd