Telecoms company “BuzzBox” considered research insight to be the preserve of large multinationals. Often expensive, frequently difficult to undertake and out of the reach of many businesses without large teams who can set studies up and analyse results.


The Issue

This has created an unfair advantage for the incumbents, the massive organisations with resources to match. Stuart Spice, Director of, a leader in telecommunication systems, wanted consumer feedback on a range of issues. Building surveys can be daunting for companies without dedicated inhouse insight staff, so Stuart used maru/usurv’s Assisted Serve service to get some help setting up his research.


The Solution

“I chose Usurv to set up my survey after hearing about them online. It was a breeze to use and they answered my questions immediately. My survey was completed in under an hour and all the results were immediately available online”.

“I have conducted several studies with Usurv now and the convenience and ease has been extraordinary”.


The Outcome

By using maru/usurv Assisted Serve, Buzzbox was able do the research necessary to understand the market place in detail, its needs, its potential, and its limitations. The speed of maru/usurv meant that it’s grasp of the market was up to the minute accurate, allowing Buzzbox to perfectly shape its consumer facing telecommunications products, ensuring maximum opportunity for success with the minimum expenditure of time, money and resources.

“We all know that telecommunications are a complex area for consumers and businesses and it has been great for us and fascinating to find out exactly how consumers tick”.

Stuart Spice, Director of