Blue Glass

Blue Glass

Award winning* content marketing agency, BlueGlass, have a constant requirement for content that is captivating, timely and that resonates with the audiences of its clients.


The Issue

Research has often played a role as a basis for content, or adding depth and nuance to blogs, newsletters, brochures etc. Historically they found that research was late, too much hassle, too difficult, or too costly. It has never been agile enough to be a frequent player in the content creation process.


The Solution

BlueGlass found that by utilising advances in technology, while adhering to market research best practices, the maru/usurv suite of agile research approaches changed the rules. It redefined research to include ease, timeliness and cost efficiency.

“We need to conduct surveys that we use as a basis for creating content”, Irma Hunkeler, Head of Content at Blueglass said. “We have tried various survey companies in the past and have used Usurv for our most recent Surveys. “ The speed of the feedback was amazing. A survey with 1,000 nationally representative respondents was completed in a couple of hours”.


The Outcome

BlueGlass was able to deliver quality, research based, coverage generating, content for their client in record breaking time. A single piece of research was used for blog pieces, a full length article and to add depth to email mailings and tweets.

“It has made the content creation process so much easier. Research insight can be added to our content in minutes, rather than having to wait for surveys to complete over a matter of days or weeks”.

Irma Hunkeler, Head of Content at Blueglass
*UK Search Awards 2013/15/16. EU Search Awards 2014/15/17. The Drum Network Awards 2016